DEA, U.S. Justice Department Drug Enforcement Administration

After WSI acquired BlackBox, They sold the solution to DEA. DEA is using "Our" solution to keep track of individuals in buildings, Our "Come and Go" functionality

Los  Alamos National Laboratory

Los Alamos National Laboratories purchased solution from WSI to keep track of all buildings and utilities
Could the solution be installed at Area51? :)

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Me :)  The  Architect, Designer of BlackBox

I developed, designed a program that WSI, an American company, acquires june 30 2020 and then sells to the U.S. government and military                          A few years ago I told WSI that if  U.S. Military  bought   BlackBox, they can build up the whole world and keep track of all individuals on the globe, now they have BlackBox:) 
After watching the documentary about a program "Promis" that the DEA bought in the 70's. Today they have BlackBox:) Probably a far more sophisticate solutions than the "Promis" application.
And Los Alamos  using the same solution... 

Anyway, whether they use the system or not, I have nothing more to prove to myself. I did It :), We did it :)
Of course Christer Brannefalk and Billy Enkvist  contributed to the outcome of the magic BlackBox.

Christer was responsible for HVAC, OVK solution and Billy did a great job for the come and go solution become as great as it is... And some other areas in BlackBox
Tanks a lot for the years we spent on BlackBox  Billy and Christer....
We shall be proud of what we have done!!
It was amazing...