June 30, 2020, WSI acquired BlackBox and all rights from me and I am prohibited from participating in any form of system development of similar products for     3 years.

Reseller meeting 19 September 2022

We are allowed to sell BlackBox world wide, and we get together for a "Kick Off" :)

BlackBox, the application never work

For some unfathomable reason, WSI doesn't want BlackBox to work. We have been trying for over two years to get this software to work. But NO!! When I contact the person who has been the one who has really programmed the system, he is initially positive. Then it stops. Mr. Developer has one excuse after another. Even today. When You read this, we are unable to sell BlackBox.

End of BlackBox, GreenBox, Impart! :( 2016 -> 2024

Everything comes to an end, and for us, it definitely ended on Monday, April 29, 2024