My BlackBox Story

Database development 1987 -> 2020

Our service manager introduced us to databases in 1987 and since then I was hooked:)

1990 Superbase  4 

This led me to start creating applications in Superbase

Microsoft Access

And of course it end up in Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server but all database development ended year 2020

2012 was a milestone and I took a whole new direction to work with information security and ISO Standards 9000, 14000 and 4500, especially ISO 27001 information security.   To gather all the company data in one place, I created the first version of BlackBox. The goal was that you would be able to access it in a maximum of 2 clicks regardless of the information you searched for.


The name of the database was BlackBox, come from the aircrafts, which gathers all independent data in one place

Screenshot of the first versions of BlackBox

Of course we attended exhibitions

Year 2016. As the technology and services developed we moved BlackBox to cloud services


After a couple of years of development with the help of Winning Solutions Inc. in Ames U.S. We realize it's time to start from scratch

Database design, System architect

My job will be to design the database from scratch


When we are done after a few more years of round-the-clock work, we have created a solution that solves over 100 different processes a company must solve, we solve it in one system based on ISO Standards 9000 14000 45000 27000 22000 to mention a few.  BlackBox

BlackBox is available on 9 different languages

1000 of people working, collaborate and share data in Realtime over the globe

BlackBox developed by privacy by design

BlackBox is developed according to ISO standards, law and regulations

BlackBox Alert APP

Already at the end of 2016, we had created an app that makes it possible that if something serious happens, you just need to press a button and the system will be activated

BlackBox Alert APP

You tailor individual messages to each person or group of people, entirely from BlackBox. You can also attach documents to recipients

BlackBox Alert APP

All people receive an individual message and documents directly all over the world, we used the global system Twilio

BlackBox Safe Tracking system

BlackBox is created from the beginning to manage where in buildings, landscaping, vehicles, etc. In the event of an emergency, you can find out where all the people are in the world at the touch of a button