Information security since 1988

I have actively worked with information security in all forms, from viruses, intrusion, sabotage and at the same time worked with how we can prepare for various events that may occur in an organization

ISC2 Certified Cloud Security Specialist

To improve my knowledge in cloud security, I completed the ISC2 Certified Cloud Security Specialist at the beginning of March 2024

Cloud computing Is actually data hall computing

There are many pitfalls when it comes to "the cloud", especially security. My long career in the IT industry when it comes to information security is particularly appropriate in these days

PECB Lead Auditor ISO 27001
PECB Lead Implementer ISO 27001

Information security and documentation of operations, systems, processes is something that is a natural part of my work regardless of what I do. All these years with different companies and situations have given me a solid foundation to work from

Business information Security

An organization of any size requires a lot of work to ensure processes, personnel etc.

ISC2 Certified Information System Security Professional

I have been CISSP for many years, but top keep up with latest information and technology services I completed the CISSP mid December 2023

After several years as a certified installer of fiber and ethernet, I have the knowledge to understand the importance of correctly installed and documented data cabling. Add my knowledge of how the "packets" flow back and forth, Troubleshooting and Optimization

PECB Lead Implementer Business Continuity ISO  22301

When the crap really hits the fan, it can be good to have thought through, done the necessary risk analysis and be able to activate a well-thought-out "Business Continuity Plan". It's something I carry with me like a DNA from the flight. We always have a "Continuity Plan"

ISO Standards 9001 14001 45001 HACCP  and  INSTA 800

I don't mention ISO 9000 14000 45000  HACCP and INSTA 800, these standards were the ones I started with in the 90s and are very common standards in companies. My last major ISO 9000 and 14000 work I carried out at a major cleaning company in 2021 when they passed their certification on the first the trial and in 2022 I helped the same company pass "The Annual" check.

A Great Thank you, Dr. Alan Solomon, for what you learned me!

In the early 90's I took a course with Dr. Alan Slomon, he gave me the skills I needed to understand and work with recovering data from crashed drives and of course virus fighting. Thanks to my skills, I recovered documents and information from crashed disks. To name a few that I am extra proud of are. A large Swedish financial company. I recreated their Windows server after it had been in the UK with some specialists who didn't succeed... I got the job on a Friday at 22:00 Sunday morning at 05:00 the server was restored. Results. They didn't go bankrupt.

A Manufacturing company had been subjected to sabotage of Windows Server and they thought they were smart to have also destroyed the "Backups"
Results. I recreated the Windows server including backups, and was able to trace the procedure

I rescue and recover data a bank office in Österlen in Skåne and a major audit firm.
And further a number of other assignments of varying size.

I am proud to have gotten to know Dr. Alan Solomon and completed his data recovery training, and I would never have had the opportunity if it hadn't been for the then company QA Informatic and "Mikael" who recommended some companies that had gotten into trouble, "Contact Stefan Bäcklin at OEC/Novada System.. A GREAT "thank you" to both Dr. Alan Solomon and You at the former QA Informatic, especially Mikael....THANK YOU!!