Why? My interest of Human Factor and System Safety?

Human factor? We've all heard the phrase at some point, especially when there's been an accident or breakdown. It is rarely or almost never anyone who says that it was the human factor that makes or made things go, go well or even say - "Because of Human Factor it save the day, prevented the disaster!" Right?

My interest in "Human Factor" issues began already in my teenage period and during high school we were a group of 4 people who met and went through a previously chosen book that we would "Analyze" Now there was not much to scientific analysis, we did this for the simple reason that we found it joyfully and interesting.

The beginning of the 90s I had worked for a few years as an IT consultant in Malmö, meeting different people, users at companies, on a daily basis. What I didn't attach much attention to in the beginning of my career but later became apparent, was the trust that we humans place in computers and that the information presented on the screen is "true". spreadsheet, the numbers shown are correct and "true" 
Fortunately what appears in spreadsheets etc. is correct in the sense that the person or persons who created the report or spreadsheet have supplied the figures and information they wish to present.

Anyway the years rushed by and my interest in IT solutions mainly in warehouse, production and information security occupied all my time. In addition, I also had a deep interest in aviation. So with all these different components mixed into consulting assignments, there wasn't much time left to think about Human Factor issues.

Year 2000 the magical year, especially the New Year 1999/2000 when the world would stop, we are well aware of the hysteria that prevailed at the time. By this time, my  "Human Factor" interest was seriously piqued, how is that possible? Many serious businessmen, consultants and a lot of "unscrupulous" people took their chance to make a lot of money from people's fear of the unknown.
By this time I had flown a lot including corporate flights, was active in the flying club out at Sturup. It came naturally to discuss plane crashes, Why? Was it the "Human Factor" that caused the crash?

My commitment to these very "Human Factor" issues made it possible for me to take a course at the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority. Now I was an "instructor in flight safety" and would hold courses outside at the flying club. Which I did. These were much appreciated and to my surprise were well attended, I was incredibly nervous about how this would be received, but my arrangement was obviously appreciated. 

My mentor at the time instructor at TFHS Lund University School of Aviation, Mentioned that they had a Professor in Human Factors that I should contact. Which I did.
My meeting My with Professor Sidney Dekker was a "Game Changer" "Sidney" inspired me to continue working with "Human Factor" This is what led me a decade later to start studying the Master's course in "Human Factor & System Safety". I bought Sidney's book "The Field Guide to Human Error Investigation" in 2002                                                                     .
October 2014 I attended the Master Studies at Lund University in "Human Factor and System Safety" I met another fantastic, inspiring Professor Johan. Course manager

Professor Sidney Dekker
. Website   Sidney Dekker I have consent from Professor Sidney Dekker to use his material in my work on Human Factors and System Safety

Accepted for master in Human Factor and system safety at Lunds University 

Registered in National database  

Master students 2016 class

I had the privilege of getting to know many talented and knowledgeable people from all over the world

We spent many many great hours in this amazing building founded 1666 Lunds University

Why Human Factor Network Sweden (HFN) Linköping University

At the same time I started reading Human Factor, I was introduced to the network HFN. I became a member in 2014 and have been active in the network since then.

Many interesting and different courses

It is a privilege to have been part of this amazing network, many exciting courses and discussions

Linköping University (Liu)

HFN and Human Factor & System Safety

An exceptionally good combination that has given me a lot of knowledge and a better way of looking at Human Factor issues

Why do people commit crime?

Right now I'm reading "Why do people commit crimes?" and the psychology of witnesses

Right now I'm studying law at university

I am studying Behavioral Education

Human Factor encompasses so many different aspects, that's what makes it exciting