I started flying the Piper PA28 privately in 1992 and Boeing 737.. 2008


1992-07-06 Evening , my first flying lesson with this particular PA28-161

PA28-181 SE-ILE

1993-06-21 -- 1993-06-29 me and my friend Roland Sturup flew --> Sonderborg --> Groningen .. Groningen --> Ostende .. Ostende --> Deauville --> Le Havre .. Le Havre --> Jersey .. Jersey crossed the English Channel over the Isle of White to Dover's shabby cliffs:) and landed in Ostende .. Breakfast in Ostende Lunch in Groningen and Pizza in the evening at Romana in Lund :)

PA28 Arrow SE-IYY

1994-05-26 Finally passed the magical 100 flight hours required to fly this fantastic machine (Yankee Yankee).. Mr. D himself conducted the check

PA32 - 300 RT SE-KOV (Kovan :)

1994-06-01 I reached a new flight level  I´m allowed to fly all the club's aircraft including this massive machine with 6 seats, 4 passengers in the rear of the aircraft in club seating with its own entrance:)

PA31-310 SE-IDR

1998-04-28 Now it's really real, a real "Airliner" There were many wonderful hours. From Tromsø in the north to Netherland, Germany, Poland and Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania in the east
6 passengers and 2 pilots

PA31-350 SE-KTF 

Another beautifully "Airliner" and many wonderful hours in this fantastic machine around in Europe

8 passengers  and 2 pilots 

Welcome to Bornholm:)

Before start procedures....

Passenger looking out at Trelleborg:) 

This is Your Captain speaking, if  You looking out to your right hand side, you will see the great metropolitan Trelleborg:)

SE-ITS Simulator TFHS or LUSA in Ljungbyhed Skåne

To increase my skills in different flight path and emergency procedures. Simply to be a safer and better pilot. I spent as much time as I could in the simulator Mats N. Is a professional and amazing instructor
I achieved Approximately  126  hours It was lot! s of fun(self sponsored)

SE-FNTP II B200 King Air simulator TFHS or LUSA in Ljungbyhed Skåne

The Idea was to get the Typerating due to corporate flight, but simply I couldn't afford it! Anyway I achieved approx. 14 hours, and it was lots of fun! .....(Self sponsored)

At the time in 2004 I could not swim

Yes, it's absolutely true, I couldn't swim and we talking year 2000. After a simulator session we went to my  instructor and mentor's house for a coffee and chat. we were looking at aviation related pictures and on some pictures I reacted.. What are you doing there?? I asked a little startled. My mentor then said that it is water survival, its mandatory so when you start flying, you have to do it.. I answered.. But I can't swim... Wow.. What did you say? can´t swim? said my mentor in surprise. yep, true... So I decided to learn to swim

My secret swimming project... NOOT

Everyone can swim at my age. I signed up for the swimming course. My secret swimming project. The thing was a number of colleagues wondered why I always disappeared in the afternoons? I told them it was a minor external ongoing project. One day the swimming instructor Micke said, tomorrow they will come from the newspaper. Okay no problem, there are many of us on the course. The day after, when I arrived Micke shouts, Hey Stefan come over here! they're here from the newspaper, ooooh no, I thought, and that's was end of my secret project:)
I reached the Gold Candidate level:)

I passed the water survival exam

A few years later, they didn't needed to rescue me when we conduct the water survival exercise at airBaltic

Now "Real" Commercial Pilot

2007-07-11 After many, many tiring years of studying, tests, I'm finally done!! Commercial Airplanes Certificate, Yiiipeeee!!!

2007-07-28 (My first 737 sim session)
Can you celebrate your birthday in a better way? A simulator session on the Boeing 737-700 at Sterling in Copenhagen

Oxford Aviation Academy 

It was a couple of sweaty simulator sessions before I was ready for my Check Ride for Swedish CAA

B737 SIM SE-115 FFS Level D

2008-02-01 at night I passed the CAA Check ride at Oxford Aviation Academy in Stockholm

B737-700 OY-MLW

2008-02-20 Holy Macaroni.. You and I are going to fly today :) We departure from Copenhagen and flew to Arhus..... I did my 6 touch and go landings!

Are You ready?        Yes....      Set thrust 89,2..      Thrust set!

Shutdown completed!

80 knots.....    Checked.....

V1, Rotate!!
RWY 28 here we come.....6 Touch and Go landings!  NOOOT in SIM!!

 Lets go back to the office

Yes Yes Yes I DID IT!!!
 I received my full authorization to fly .."Boeing 737"

Apply for F/o position B737

I passed all assessments!!! 

Finally! My dream come trough! Employed as First Officer flying the Boeing 737! Permanent contract
base Riga.. Can it get any better?
I looked forward flying 20 - 25 years!!

New simulator sessions and OPC

B737-300 YL-BBI   (Dusseldorf)

It's me and the Line training Captain doing one of my regular schedule flights on a Sunday morning in July 
We conducted simulated CAT III B approach, I´m approved for CAT III :)
I verified the photo according to my flight log!! It's me flying:)

B737-300 YL-BBK  (Helsinki)

Here I am in Helsinki Finland, called on duty during my "Stand by" RIX -HEL What would you do without these "Plane Spotters" they almost know more about the flight than we do ourselves:)

B737-300 YL-BBE (Dusseldorf)

My absolute first 737 flight with passengers. To Dusseldorf RIX-DUS  This photo is taken when taxi for departure to Riga RIX. Pretty cool I must say :)

B737-300 YL-BBE (Dusseldorf) we moving forward :)

B737-300 YL-BBI (Dusseldorf)

Just another amazing Sunday, my regular  scheduled Sundays to Dusseldorf DUS taxing for departure to Riga RIX

B737-300 YL-BBE (Dusseldorf DUS)

Just a closer view at Me:)

The Office!

A view from the Office! 

I just say, Amazing... With a cup of nice hot instant coffee in a paper cup :))

The office @FL 360 

All procedures and checklist done time for coffee!!

36000 feet /FL 360 ~ 11000 m

A view taken by a colleague
in the cabin, The alps:)

The alps, what a view!

Welcome back to Riga (RIX)

AirBaltic 2024, You are cleared visual approach to runway 18, contact tower 118,10 Gooday 

We are CLEARED visual runway 18, contact tower 118,10 Gooday Air Baltic 2024

Air Baltic 2024, You are cleared to land runway 18

We are cleared to land runway 18,  airBaltic 2024

Minimum....... 50 40 30 10.......

Speed Brake Up, reversers unlocked

Taxi to stand 15 via taxiway Juliet and Alfa, Gooday

B737-800 "Simulator" Instructor 

During the Covid period, I had the opportunity to be an instructor on a privately owned B737 simulator, it was
for interested public individuals

Very Very good  737 NG "Simulator"

It was fun to volunteer as an "instructor"  Very high end simulator connected o internet etc.. 

Excellent piece of "Simulator"

A state of the art "simulator"

airBaltic Training center i Riga (RIX)

This place is beautiful on the outside, but can make you sweat profusely on the inside:)

This is the normal place for Mr. Swanson

I wonder what comes next??? Just to be prepared for the unexpected!

Even a professional pilots, needs to discuss some topics

Mr. Swanson, not often but it's happen. Give Thumbs up:)

Another checkride in Berlin at Lufthansa Training Center

 The day after I was asked if I could attend as Pilot Monitoring (Captain:) for a pilot and instructor, both of them should do their check, The instructor and the Boeing 777 First Officer. It was a little bit nervous because no one new each other:) But both of them passed their assessment. Phu.. Luckily

You never  know theirs mindset, what's next??? 

PC Check 2023-08-26 -> 08-27

"Captain" Bäcklin:)

Preparing for the flight, FMS, switches and nobs 

Swanfly 001 You are cleared for take off

Capt. Anders and F/O Isaac, what a team!

We have spent hours together, and thanks Isaac for all
your support and advice over the years

My boss, Colleague, Mentor, friend and Instructor

Captain Mr. Anders Swanson, is not making the life easy in the simulator:) This photo is taken before breakfast after a nocturnal, sweaty simulator check

Captain and F/O Bäcklin
Preparation and discussion before the flight:)
Simulator Check with Instructor Mr. Anders Swanson in Riga (RIX)

During my time in Riga, supposed to do my B737 check ride next day,  in the afternoon when I went through procedures, one instructor asked me if I could attend as Pilot monitoring for a couple of pilots doing their check. Of course I said YES!

Later the evening, Marco a pilot begin flying the B737.  We got permission to "fly" alone (No instructor) in locked mode, This was Marcos first flight:) We departure Riga RIX to Helsinki HEL.....  I flew as captain and instructor:)

Stay top of knowledge

To keep my knowledge and procedures alive, this
"mockup" serves as an excellent tool

B737-700 FMS Trainer

This FMS trainer is invaluable, even if it is a few years old, I can at least do the basics

Safety demonstration at Stenbäcks Fly museum

When opportunity arise, I volunteer as a guide and bibliotarian at the museum At the annual "Stenback days" We have an appreciated feature about flight safety and why it's important to keep track of the life jacket, In our review we simulate a real emergency landing on the water and what needs to be done.. It may sound simple, but there are many who in the moment of panic forget that the life jacket is there. See on YouTube clips how many passengers just run out onto the wing. WITHOUT Lifejacket. And those who, in the moment of panic, trigger the life jacket BEFORE they get off the plane. A serious exercise in easy forms. Welcome to Stenbäcks located outside Sturup in Skåne

Welcome onboard to flying surprise:)

Please fasten seat belts, we have predicted a rough flight:)

Are You ready for before take off Procedure's and checklists?

Yes, before take off procedure's and checklists completed!

Fully focused and concentration

500 feet stabilized!

My Raw data approach:)

Loadsheets must be calculated:)